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The following Committees are dedicated to maintaining the positive and uplifting energy and atmosphere of the Takoma Park Chapel. Additional volunteers are needed for all of the committees—if you are interested in supporting the Chapel through one or more of them, please contact us by email, or call us at 301.587.7200.

The Worship Committee is made up of leaders who make our Sunday Services such unique and wonderful events. Each worship leader is free within some guidelines to bring prayers, music, and other spiritual activities to the service. It is a very creative and fun process. The committee chair is Rev. Tsunde Adenuga.

The Healing Committee provides a healing session prior to the Sunday Service. They also provide healers during the Psychic Fair and other events. This is a powerful way to serve the people of the Chapel. To become a platform healer, you are required to attend the healer training which is conducted several times a year. The chair of the committee is Rev Mardi Fisher.

The newsletter is currently being prepared by our Senior Minister Rev. Jim Webb, and Tamara Holmes. You can give support in preparing the newsletter by editing, writing articles, preparing art, etc. Contact Tamara if you are interested in helping out.

Sunshine-Prayer Tree
The Sunshine Committee-Prayer Tree Committee supports our members when they are in need. They make the intercessory prayer tree function (which gets members of the Chapel praying for members in crisis or need), visit members in the hospital, comfort the grieving, and otherwise add some sunshine to the lives of the members. Rev. Bonnie Berger is the chair. Talk to her if you can help or want to be on the intercessory prayer tree.

The Beautification Committee is working to create a more beautiful, clean,functional and organized Chapel space. This includes small and large projects around the Chapel. The Chair is Peggy Kissell.

The classes, workshops, and seminars conducted at the Chapel are of great importance to its spiritual life and community, but it is a big job to organize, coordinate, and record all the classes. Currently, Rev. Delia Gamble is chair of the committee. Please, talk to her if you are willing to serve on this committee.

In order to promote social interactions at the Chapel, we have created the hospitality committee. The members of the committee provide snacks after service on Sunday with more elaborate brunches for special occasions. They create an attractive spread and clean up afterward. They may also provide snacks or meals for special Chapel events. Deb Thomas is the chair of this committee.

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