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Magnifying God's Gifts

by Rev. Jim Webb

Money has always been a controversial topic. It has been the source of pride and shame, anxiety and doubt, abundance and lack. How-ever, it has rarely been a topic of a spiritual conversation. Perhaps it is time for this part of our consciousness to evolve.

According to A Course in Miracles, every-thing is innocent, perfect and beautiful and part of God’s wonderful tapestry of creativity. However, through our judgments, biases, and erroneous thought patterns, we misperceive certain things as being separate from God and give certain things (such as money) negative meanings. Money only has the meaning that we give to it. Therefore, if we judge money as being "un-spiritual" or undesirable, we separate our-selves from a part the wholeness of God. Money, when viewed objectively, is simply a common medium of exchange so that we don’t have to barter for goods and services, and thus is part of the divine energy that’s a part of God.

Jesus talked about money all the time. In his book, Generous People, Eugene Grimm notes, "If we were to strike the comments of Jesus about money, we would reduce his teachings by about one third." Catherine Ponder notes the constant Biblical references to money (and the Prophets’ understanding of prosperity) in her book series Millionaires of the Bible. Other spiritual traditions have also embraced prosperity as integral to spirituality--not separate from it.

At the Takoma Park Chapel, we endeavor to embrace this truth by continuing an open dialogue with you regarding our prosperity. We have recently expanded our Sunday Services to include a weekly prosperity observance. With the help of our new Treasurer, we have also developed a budget to accommodate the needs of the various committees that have been formed to provide the Spiritual Services that you have suggested. The Chapel requires over $2,500 a month to cover our operating costs (including rent, mailing costs, telephone bills, etc.). In addition, we are drafting plans for our eventual acquisition of a new space. The new space will accommodate our continued growth and expansion, and will ensure your physical comfort. Making this move will require at least $50,000. We currently have approximately $17,000, and therefore will need to attract an additional $33,000.

However, in order for Takoma Park Chapel to attract this prosperity, we must embrace our prosperity consciousness more openly. As a result, you will hear more about Takoma Park Chapel’s Stewardship Program during the next several months. Stewardship is how we indicate our desire for Takoma Park Chapel to carry out God’s mission. Stewardship begins with the truth that God provides everything that we need, which is what we affirm when we state "Give us bread for our needs from day to day." As stewards of these gifts, we are responsible for managing and using re-sources wisely. We give thanks for these gifts by giving back a portion of what has been given to us in the form of our time, talents, and money, yes, money. As stewards, we know that what we give is returned to us tenfold. By giving thanks for all God’s gifts and giving back for the benefit of others, we grow in our relation- ship with God, and thus we magnify the light of God.

Therefore, as we prepare for our next evolutionary steps, please consider how God has worked in your life and how you might express your gratitude through Stewardship. Many churches embrace the practice of tithing–giving 10% of your income as a form of Stewardship. Several Takoma Park Chapel members tithe regularly. Takoma Park Chapel encourages tithing, and we understand that for many of us, it is a goal that we attain by gradually increasing our giving. As your prosperity increases, so will your level of Stewardship. Growing through steward-ship can be an amazing journey through the joy of sharing God’s Grace.

Rev. Jim Webb serves as the Senior Minister of the Takoma Park Chapel.

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