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Moving On Up

by Susan Morgan-Chandler

I made a commitment in February 1996 to put my spiritual work first. Spirit has since been stripping me of everything in this lifetime that had seemed to be important. As a result, my spiritual nature is my first priority.

When I made the commitment to place my spiritual life first, I moved 55 miles away from where I had lived for the past 14 years, to a very isolated setting. I found myself largely cut off from friends, and the Chapel that I had devoted myself to developing. I also experienced a major personal and financial loss 2 months after moving, I was laid off from my job, which had provided tremendous financial security.

I found myself losing contact with my two daughters, who offered me an important sense of grounding, this resulted in realizing that for 30 years I had derived a large portion of my identity from my role as a single mother. I realized now that many aspects of my life were based on false premises. For example, my identity as a single mother was, in truth, an illusion. My true identity as my I AM self had to come forward, so this illusion had to be shattered.

My life today is nothing like it was a year ago. All that mattered to my human self has been peeled away. I can no longer deny or run from my spirit self, because that is all that remains. However, this transition has not been as painful as it may seem, because the light of the ONE, as it comes through my I AM self has touched me deeply, and guides me on a path of Service, now that the illusions of my past have been cleared away.

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