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The Soul Body Connection

by Carol Stocking

Spiritual light is continually entering the body of a person on a conscious spiritual path. Sure, you knew that! The thing is, that beneficial spiritual light can also disrupt your body systems. Sometimes, when physical discomforts are viewed as evidence of unreleased or unprocessed dark energies, the spiritual traveler can get quite discouraged. And the energies manifesting MAY be dark. OR, they might NOT be!

Consider the matter of weight gain. Of course, if you're eating too much, you know why you're heavy! On the other hand you may be eating modestly, exercising at least some, but you're still round! You've been checked out for low thyroid function and other suspect causes and found nothing. How frustrating! And you think, "I must have some unresolved soul stuff to deal with." Or people advise you that you need the extra physical layers to protect your tender psyche. These also may be so. However, your excess weight could be the result of high spiritual discipline, leading to an influx of light so speedy that your body doesn’t have a chance to remodulate to the increased vibration.

The physical mechanisms involved vary from person to person and from time to time in the same person. The following are several that you could examine for applicability to yourself:

  1. Release of toxins due to a courageous spiritual act, release work, or the like. These can cause a chemical sensitivity reaction resulting in swelling at the cellular level.

  2. Speeded vibration at the molecular level results in greater reactivity to substances contacted (food or environment), resulting in increased allergies and/or chemical sensitivities leading to a similar swelling due to the aforementioned toxin release swelling.

  3. Speeded vibration at the atomic level causes greater attraction between plus and minus ions, creating various types of salts that retain water at the cellular level.

Headaches are one of the most common disorders in our society. Of course, we all think of stress, emotional tension, encounters with toxic fumes, allergies, chemical sensitivities, dehydration, and on and on. And the dark spiritual sources of headaches are many as well. But, did you know that if the light comes through the top of your head and doesn't get distributed throughout your body (which you can consciously do), you can get a headache?

In November I plan to teach a two-session workshop on The Body-Soul Connection. (See the course listings for details.) This course will not only identify other such Jekyll-and-Hyde maladies, but will also include discussion of remedies for both light- and dark-induced ailments. For those of you who feel somewhat detached from all this, the intensity of the physical disruptions is directly proportional to the speed and volume of light entering as a result of your spiritual processing. However, comparing symptomatic intensities between people doesn't work--some people's issues resolve in a more action-oriented way, or their body adjusts to light increase more easily. So wherever you are on your journey is exactly perfect for you at this time! God bless!

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